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 Welcome to our online store!

This store is directly integrated with our Broomall store to ensure better order processing.

We look forward to helping with all of your model train needs!


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G Scale Track Sale!

Track boxes are OVERSIZED items, Additional shipping well be added at order processing




ART20030  1’ Straight Track                       $44.99

ART20195  5’ Straight Track                     $449.99

ART20120  10’ Diameter Curve               $259.99

ART20122  12.5’ Diameter Curve            $384.99

ART20124  15’ Diameter Curve               $384.99

ART20125  20’ Diameter Curve               $399.99

ART20330  #6 Manual Right Switch       $124.99

ART20340  #6 Manual Left Switch          $124.99

ART20345  #6 Wye Switch                          $92.99

ART20370  Wide Manual Right Switch    $49.99

ART20380  Wide Manual Left Switch       $49.99



ART30330  #6 Manual Right Switch       $104.99 

ART30340  #6 Manual Left Switch          $104.99

ART30345  #6 Wye Switch                          $79.99

ART30370  Wide Manual Right Switch    $43.99

ART30380  Wide Manual Left Switch       $43.99




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 Welcome to Nicholas Smith Trains! Their wide collection of model toy trains and trains for sale makes them the best place to purchase trains to add to your collection, as well as accessories, parts, and tools.


Whether you are a longtime fan of toy trains or just beginning to explore the hobby, Nicholas Smith trains has the vehicles and selection you need to continue or start a great collection! From Accurail and Bachmann to USA Trains and Xacto, Nicholas Smith offers the vehicles, accessories, and tools to make your hobby fun and rewarding! You can find everything you need to start or add to your collection.


Check out the warehouse clearance section to find great vehicles at a very affordable price! Also, Nicholas Smith Trains sells gift certificates that make great presents for the train hobbyist in your life!


Contact Nicholas Smith Trains today with any questions about their inventory. 

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